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What's wrong, love?

S-some one I roleplayed with on my Bakura blog deactivated her account….. I’m scared and sobbing right now, I really adored her and now… Now I hurt all over….

No NO NO NO NO *sobbing* no no no no…..*curls up*…..

I’m going to go take a shower.

iiiit's sexual sunda~~~ What do you fantasize about?

"Um…." his favorite had to be him back with Yugi, his lips brushing everywhere. He’d much rather give Yugi pleasure then himself…

Someone bug my muse please? If not I might go to Yamis for a while

Ok story time kids

A few years ago on Halloween I was at a friends house, and we were gonna go out for the night. Before that, we had let her black kitty, Link, (Named for the Hero of Time lol) (also to note we were dressed as the Sanderson sisters) when we heard him screaming/meowing for help.

Some fuckng punk ass teenager was gonna hurt him, going on about how black cats were the devils children and they needed to be killed. So what did we do?

We started to sing one of the incantations from the movie around the corner, and thankfully her dad had dry ice in a water bucket. We walked around the corner, our singing getting louder along with the fog getting denser.

He pissed himself, dropped Link, and ran

Moral of the story: Being a bad witch for one day on Halloween can save a cats life

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-lazily stares at nails- “Well when one can travel through whatever one craves, you get whats need be~”

Takes a bite. “Oh good it isn’t liverwurst. That stuff is disgusting,”

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