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Song: Don't Get Involved With Me (Let It Go)
Artist: Tamsin
Album: English Derps
Plays: 7631


I sing my version of Let It Go. If Let It Go was performed by Kamishiro Shark from Yu-Gi-Oh ZeXaL

I wrote fan lyrics for this in a post I did.
Here they are

Don’t Get Involved With Me:

You followed me for six hours tonight,

If I duel you, will you go?

Why do you want my friendship?

I only see you as my foe.

My inner torment swirls - Should I talk or should I flee?

Yuuma tell me now, why won’t you leave me be?

Don’t get involved,

Don’t start to care,

Be the ruler who doesn’t feel your despair,

I am Barian,

As you can see,

Stop bugging me!

Let me go, Let me go

I can’t stand this any more,

Let me go, Let me go,

This is intergalactic war!

I killed your friends

Cause you’re my enemy,

Let the war rage on,

And Yuuma - Don’t get involved with me

It’s funny how some murder,

Can make you feel so alive.

Will you still forgive me,

Once all your friends have died?

It’s time to see what I can do

To test my powers and kill you

Once you’re dead I guess I’m free

Yay me!

Let me go, Let me go

Has anyone survived?

Let me go, Let me go,

You’ll never see me cry!

I can’t die

At least not permanently,

Let the war rage on,

My power surges through my hands into my cards,

Why do you think you’ll win, cause I have beaten you thus far.

Need I remind you about my raging lightning blast

I want you to suffer, I’m gonna kill you last.

Let me go, Let me go

And I can’t control my scorn,

Let me go, Let me go,

You’ll never see another dawn!

In your life

Death is all I see,

Let the war rage on,

And Yuuma - Don’t get involved with me

+ Independant mid series Christopher Arclight / V blog
+ Uses icons / might use gifs / small text
+ SINGLE SHIP BLOG. I only ship with csp-muse-memory-card's Kite / Kaito! I am still multiverse though.
+ Mun has 3+ years in RP, but is still working on ZeXal! Chris might be slightly OOC
+ Is willing for most NSFW, but no sex related NSFW seeing as he is single ship
+ Open for para,script and crack roleplays.


if you were to label me as 

  • Lawful Good | Neutral Good | Chaotic Good
  • Lawful Neutral | True Neutral | Chaotic Neutral
  • Lawful Evil | Neutral Evil | Chaotic Evil

what would you label me

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//Are you okay hun? -Worried.-

I’ll be fine! I’m built of some tough stuff so I’ll survive haha.

But I did yell myself hoarse at my brother. So my throat hurts like a bitch

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